We offer clients Tourism management, Immigration management, Public Relations (PR) Services and Recruitment, We also have a wider range of HR services as one of our speciality with a highly experienced team.

Let us provide our vast experience in Events Management and PR services, Organizational Development, Recruitment, Training and Call Centre Management

Talent Management

We will assist in developing your talent management strategy and instilling a talent leadership culture. We facilitate the conversation to define the ideal talent management system for your organisation.

Some of our offerings are:
Strategic Workforce Planning
Succession Planning Strategy
Talent Identification and Assessment
Performance Management
New Manager Orientation Programme
Functional Management Development Programmes

Change Management

We will work with you to:
Conduct situational analysis
Design or customize a change readiness or employee survey

Launch and communicate the survey to employees globally
Prepare executive reports and employee communications regarding survey results

Plan and implement an effective and comprehensive change strategy
Monitor and measure results

Call Centre Management

Using world class Technological solutions we assist in the optimal management of our clients’ call centres, thereby improving their customer service experience.

We are experts in tailoring our services to our clients’ call centre objectives. This alignment assists in streamlining of processes and cost reduction, seamless business continuity and offering world class business services.

Our systems can be tailored to allow call recording, inbound and outbound services and administrative functions in the sales cycle.


We offer a wide variety of organizational training, tailor made to the client’s objectives.

The spectrum covered includes but is not limited to, Sales Management training, Product training, Customer service training and Call centre training.

Human Capital Management

We offer a holistic suite of Human Capital Management services and pride ourselves in supplying world class caliber candidates

Response Handling Services

As a compliment to our recruitment services, we offer response handling to enable you to outsource the complete project. This service will be tailor made according to the needs of the recruitment campaign.

These services include but are not limited to:
*Design of the advert.
*Placement of the advert in Print Media.
*Design of qualifying criteria checklist.
*E Recruitment .
*Threshold Sorting/Short listing for interviewing.
*Letters of Regret to unsuccessful applicants.

Organisational surveys

The Culture Survey is a means to find out the way your culture is operating and the aspects of culture that need more intentional development to achieve great things.
We custom design culture surveys according to your specific organizational needs, administer and analyse your organisational culture. 

Migration planning

Migration planning involves the placement or repositioning of employees from one post or position in an existing organisational structure to another position within a new structure.

We offer full range of services in migration planning services including:
Providing a strategic framework for the migration of employees
Developing fair procedures that are legally compliant and that minimise disputes.

Matching the right competencies (knowledge, skills, attributes) with the right positions in order to meet strategic objectives
Ensuring that the right skills and competencies are matched with the requirements of the positions (match the appropriately skilled employees with positions in the new structure)
Facilitating a smooth transition to the new organisational structure

Performance Management

Performance management is a strategic tool used to promote an effective organization. It ensures that individual employees’ efforts are focused on the priorities and strategies set out in the corporate and departmental business plans.
It directs efforts towards effectiveness and away from merely being busy.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the company.

Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available

HR Strategy

The core of every company rests on a solid overarching strategy developed from the company’s overall strategy and a closely aligned HR strategy.

This alignment ensures that the most critical resource to the company, “its people,” are linked with the company’s mission, vision, and goals.